About Us At OCG-IL

 A little bit about us here at the OCG-IL. 

The Owl Creek Gazette-Illinois, published by husband and wife team Bill and Shanan Strode, is a monthly magazine dedicated to preserving the practice of Self-Reliance and Common Sense. We are picking up where Don and Jan Stover left off with the Original Owl Creek Gazette. We have some big shoes to fill, but feel excited about the opportunity to keep the OCG going and growing. Though the OCG-IL is now based in Charleston, Illinois, and historically (as the original OCG) focused the content of the publication on the regions that include the original 12 county distribution route, we have seen the paper’s reach grow far outside the original area. We are looking forward to helping even more people join our OCG community and embrace the mission of preserving self-reliance and common sense. 

Knowing that Don and Jan have always reminded us self-reliance is both a practice and a philosophy, the Owl Creek Gazette-Illinois will continue to focus not only on the nuts and bolts of being (and becoming more) self-reliant, but also offer up inspirational and philosophical content to encourage the independent and self-reliant spirit that resides in each of us. 

As such, the OCG-IL welcomes readers and advertisers near and far to utilize this publication as a valuable and growing resource, while enjoying the common threads that run through the magazine and unites us all. The OCG-IL will be increasing from 5,200 copies to 6,000 copies of the publication monthly, and that number will grow. Current and past OCG-IL issues will be available to read online via the OCG-IL website here, and archived issues of the original OCG will be available on Don and Jan's website.

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