Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A Meeting Of The Minds!

Today we had a gathering of friends of the Owl Creek Gazette and the NEW Owl Creek Gazette - Illinois. Bill and I (Shanan) gathered at Espressions Coffee Roasting Co in Greenville, IL today to organize the delivery of the OCG-IL January 2021 issue. These friends (along with a few others not pictured here) will graciously be serving as a volunteer delivering team of sorts, helping to bring the publication to locations (and readers) far and wide!
We mapped out delivery routes, loaded up cars, trucks, and Jeeps and headed out to many former locations to see which locations are still open for business. We started in Bond County and worked our way out. 
A few former locations (mostly our Metro East locations) do not yet have volunteers to help with distribution, but we are working on it, and hope to find new volunteers soon.
Bill and I deeply appreciate these sweet souls willing to help us get the January issue out to folks.
Bill and I dropped off copies to a volunteer in Litchfield on our way back home, and he will be getting his bundles delivered over the next few days.
You can find copies at Yoder's Kitchen in Arthur, IL and I will be dropping off copies at Country Salvage in Arcola as soon as my new magazine racks are made.


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